Equipping Child Welfare & Education Professionals with proven strategies to empower At-Promise youth for
Long-Term success.

Foster Care Inspirational Speaker - Adam Starks
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Foster Care Inspirational Speaker

The MNDYRR Approach (Available mid 2023)

Mentoring Nurturement for Dynamic Youth Resilience and Restoration (MNDYRR, pronounced mender) is a multi-use application that helps child welfare professionals better understand and support at-promise youth. By offering a community-based social services and behavioral telehealth platform, MNDYRR links the systems of care approach to the social determinants of health to address the needs of the whole child and their family.  

For more information, please explore mndyrr.com

Dr. Adam Starks is on a mission to significantly reduce the number of traumatized youth. By equipping child welfare and education professionals, he ensures they leave your event with the inspiration and resources to empower today’s youth for long-term success. 


Dr. Adam Starks

Dr. Adam Starks is a motivational keynote speaker on a variety of child welfare-related topics ranging from foster care, child mental health issues, and trauma-informed care. As a product of the foster care system who broke the cycle, he empowers audiences to uplift at-promise youth by tapping into community resources to convert youth potential into positive outcomes. He serves on his local school board and as President of the West Virginia CASA Association board.

Adam is also a multi-genre author of books such as his autobiography, Broken Child Mended Man, and the children’s book, Love Will Find Your Home, with more to come. Currently, Adam is working on multiple writing projects including works of fiction, non-fiction, and more children’s books. During his downtime, he enjoys writing, reading, exploring new foods and drinks, traveling, and spending time with his wife and three children.


Virtual Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Workshops

A trusted thought leader for public school teachers, counselors, social workers, and education nonprofits, Dr. Starks delivers empowering presentations for his audiences including:

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Enhancing Resilience in Traumatized Children

Telling the Broken Child, Mended Man story has been my life’s most fulfilling work. In addition to accommodating virtual or in-person settings, my crowd sizes have varied between 20 to 2,500 attendees. Nonetheless, the pride taken in this important work requires the same amount of passion and preparation. The one speaker trait that makes me so different from other presenters is my radical honesty. My thought leader approach offers fresh ideas based on tapping into community resources. I balance the information by using a storytelling approach to discuss my challenges as a result of my upbringing and how I overcame those issues to become a success story. Non-profit organizations dedicated to the education sector can benefit greatly from my presentations. Let’s talk to see what I can do for your upcoming event.

Adam Starks on stage presenting about enhancing resilience in traumatized children
Woman teaching a child with a notebook


Broken Child, Mended Student
(Coming Soon!)

For Superintendent/Principal/Teacher/School Counselor Empowerment

Regardless of your highest school rankings or the best-performing test scores, traumatized students cannot effectively learn in the classroom. This aspect of the student’s lives are largely outside of the school system’s control until now. The Broken Child, Mended Student (BCMS) Coaching/Consulting Program is based on Dr. Adam Starks’ autobiography, Broken Child Mended Man and the key to his success. As a product of the foster care system, his thought-leader insight provides evidence-based trauma-informed guidance balanced with social emotional learning techniques to empower educational leaders toward optimal learning outcomes. As the saying goes, students have to Maslow before they can Bloom, and the BCMS program can make that aim achievable! Available online and in-person/ CEU-credit courses and apps are available.

Real Essentials Relationship Education (Coming Soon!)

Grades 9-12 Secondary Student Empowerment

Ultimately, everyone is impacted by relationships. Dr. Adam Starks credits his success to the right relationships and more specifically to the right people, being at the right place, at the right time. As a REAL Essentials Certified Consultant, Dr. Starks provides evidence-based relationship education skills training to students in need of relational wellness. Staying on the front-end of relational health is proven to minimize the damage that typically ensues when relationship discord hits. This transformational program will positively impact a student throughout their lifetime by providing a holistic mindset toward establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships. Available on-line and in-person.

Male teenage writing in a notebook


Broken Child Mended Man book cover, written by Adam Starks, Ph.D.
Broken Child Mended Man
Broken Child Mended Man is a remarkably compelling memoir touching on childhood neglect, years in foster care and overcoming the odds to graduate college. Highlighting the emotional and psychological ups and downs during his formative years, Adam Starks manages to reveal human resilience in its most authentic form. Through a life of trial and error, the author displays bountiful courage by achieving life’s milestones without a role model. Broken Child Mended Man is one of this year’s best surprises for readers from every walk of life. This book is for anyone having trouble with their current circumstances or just looking for ways to support the broken souls within their community. The surprisingly positive message throughout the book will help any reader establish solid footing as they seek purpose and the will to persevere through life’s hardships.
Love Will Find Your Home
Love Will Find Your Home is a children’s book about some of the trials kids face before entering the foster care system and the importance of finding a loving home. Do you have an abundance of love in your heart? If so, please consider foster care or adoption. On any given day, approximately a half million children are in foster care throughout our country.
Love Will Find Your Home Book Cover, written by Adam Starks, Ph.D.

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