Chapter 8: Lord Willin’

“Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” is another idiom I used and it simply means, if all goes well or barring unforeseen events. In its most biblical sense, the phrase appears to have originated from James 4:15. Looking back, it appears fate somehow intervened during my high school senior year as it had always managed to do throughout my life, but these strokes of luck didn’t come without my usual share of hardships.

Lord Willin’ is a roller coaster ride depicting events during my senior year in high school. My unconventional path to college included self-inflicted drama, surprising awards and recognition, a celebrated graduation, financial illiteracy and homelessness. If your teenager needs to read one chapter in this book, I’d highly recommend this one. The consequences I put forth in Lord Willin’ may spare them from unnecessary distractions and ill-timed mistakes I endured my senior year. Nevertheless, I graduated high school and in just three short years before that, it was a feat no one, including myself, could’ve imagined.

The fortunate ten percent of foster children attending college are unlikely to arrive on a straightened path. I highlight my passageway from the viewpoint of education since it provided my ticket out of an unfortunate situation. I also took a calculated risk by displaying my genuine flaws up to that point in my life because it’s important for my most vulnerable readers to understand that they can accept who they are and still overcome the odds against them. So many books, especially books related to our historical heroes, rarely display their flaws. I’m not a hero in any sense of the word, but I hope this book will encourage people to accept their imperfections and spend their energies on something more positive. By this point in the book, the reader already accepts me for who I am or they have rejected me. Such is life in a society of judges…For the more forgiving sorts, there is an encouraging message throughout my journey. Just keep reading and sharing with anyone having difficulty with self-acceptance.

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