Chapter 7: Sporting Chance

After my transformation and charting a new course toward college, I finally started the process of accepting who I was becoming. There was still some doubt to overcome, but most of it was externally related. Again, life presented the usual hurdles to overcome but my Sporting Chance – a reasonable probability of success – had finally arrived. Just the possibility of being a standout after feeling distant for so many years brought about a newfound sense of hope that carried me through the year.

Using sports as an outlet, I discovered what it felt like to excel at something and those opportunities provided the jump start my confidence needed to prevail in every aspect of my life. Sporting Chance reflects my determination in sports, as well as my limitations and a girl who made that year something special despite the necessary outcome of our relationship. It turned out to be the down time I needed before being tested in more ways than one the following year.

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